Acquia Lift 1.01

Release Date

Acquia Lift contains the following updates and fixes:

Required module versions

Install or update the following module versions to use Acquia Lift 1.01:


  • Quickly get started with our improved interface

    We've added several ease-of-use elements to the Acquia Lift experience, including improvements with Navbar integration, the ability to test the Acquia Lift service connection, and reporting of the number of submitted Acquia Lift API calls.

  • Create targeted, monitored campaigns

    This version of Acquia Lift adds several additional configuration options to ensure that your campaigns are that much more effective, including controlling the experiment group size and viewing more information about how your campaigns are performing.

  • Personalize page elements

    You can now personalize any element on one of your website's pages by specifying a selector and the item to be changed — for example, either adding a class or changing the text.

  • Target content to visitors based on client-side information

    Instead of relying exclusively on server-side information for targeting, you can configure Acquia Lift to store information about site visitors using localStorage, which can then be used for targeted decision making.

  • Obtain better performance for large variation sets

    If you have personalized blocks that have many different variations, Acquia Lift now uses AJAX to load only the block chosen for the visitor instead of having to load all of the different variations and then display the winner.

For a complete list of the changes included with the Acquia Lift-required modules, see their project pages.

Fixed issues

  • Acquia Lift Connector module - Issue #2217419: No Icon for second-level nav bar
  • Visitor Actions module - Issue #2209487: Fixed js bug when attempting to add an action in context after hitting the cancel button in the form
  • Visitor Actions module - Issue #2212839: Wrong vendor url for underscore library

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