Acquia Lift 1.02

Release Date

Acquia Lift contains the following updates and fixes:

Required module versions

Install or update the following module versions to use Acquia Lift 1.02:


  • Target feature strings by using the key:value format

    Previously, Acquia Lift interpreted feature strings strictly as values. Now that it can parse strings in the format of key:value, the reporting of targeted elements is much more powerful.

  • Remove Acquia Lift elements that are no longer needed

    Acquia Lift now cleans up after itself better both by allowing any kind of variation set to be completely removed from your website and by allowing campaigns to be deleted once they have no variation sets and aren't running.

  • Obtain more information about your variation sets

    We've added support for per-variation set reports and statistics, which displays a quick overview on the campaign page about how variation sets are performing.

For a complete list of the changes included with the Acquia Lift-required modules, see their project pages.

Fixed issues

  • Personalize module - Issue #2227473: Create new campaign from Personalize Elements form not working
  • Personalize module - Issue #2227335: The personalize_url_querystring_contexts variable isn't deleted on uninstall
  • Personalize module - Issue #2225769: Campain Reports Page won't load for personalize_target agents
  • Personalize module - Issue #2223041: Fieldsets are not hidden using #states on embedded campaign form

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