Acquia Pipelines 0.21.2

Release Date

Acquia Pipelines includes the following updates:


  • Terminate jobs from the command line
    The Acquia Pipelines command line client now includes a terminate-job command that you can use to terminate a currently running job. Learn more.


  • Acquia Pipelines performs additional checks, and performs them earlier, to determine more quickly whether a job is failing.

Fixed issues

  • Jobs triggered in response to a GitHub pull request operated on the compare branch, with the changes from the pull request included, instead of on the base branch with the changes from the pull request merged into it. (MS-1780)
  • The status and logs commands, when run without a job ID, reported information about the most recent job started with the start command, not the most recent job started via a GitHub commit or pull request. (MS-1780)
  • Improved how Acquia Pipelines handles jobs that fail to complete. (MS-1736)

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