Acquia Search - 18 March 2014

Release Date

Acquia Search will be upgraded to include new libraries to support search schema customizations for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. These new libraries are available only to Acquia Search customers who are eligible to deploy custom schema.xml files, that is, Please Replace These Missing Tokens Enterprise and Acquia Cloud Enterprise customers. For more information, see Custom Solr configuration.

No downtime is expected for customer sites or search functionality. However, during the upgrade, search indexes will be in read-only mode and therefore will not be updated with new or changed content for a period of 1 to 10 minutes.

The upgrade adds a set of libraries that are valuable in customizing the Apache Solr schema.xml file for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. By default, Solr was built with Western languages in mind. However, in some other languages, such as Chinese or Japanese, words are not necessarily split by spaces. Another important difference is that some characters in these languages look the same, but mean something very different. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean have multiple meanings for some characters, so searches should return appropriate results for any of those meanings. To learn more, read a series of blog posts at Discovery Grindstone.

The classes being added to Acquia Search are:

Learn more about ICU (International Components for Unicode).

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