Content Hub 1.0.0

Release Date

Introducing Content Hub!

Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service that serves as a central hub for your content, allowing for its distribution between different platforms. Authors and website owners can reuse content from other websites, commerce platforms, and more. Content Hub keeps the content consistent across different websites, reducing the risk of out-of-date information, while respecting workflow rules on the destination websites.

Required module version

Install or update to the Content Hub 1.0.0 module version.


  • Content repository

    A content repository that aggregates and normalizes content and data from any enterprise content source or system.

  • Powerful content discovery

    Powerful content discovery tools, including automatic updates and faceted search, to break down content silos and enable enterprise content managers to quickly find relevant content from across an organization.

  • Syndication and subscription

    Syndication and subscription updates from content authors to content consumers in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules.

  • Accessible connectors

    Connectors to enable content managers to access and publish content in their native workflow.

  • Technology integration

    Integration into existing technology footprint, with distinct content and presentation layers, enabling true creative freedom and speedy site deployments.

Changes from beta versions

  • Content Hub has the following procedures to prevent the accidental importation of duplicate content items:
    • Content Hub determines if a content item's entity type and bundle exist on a website before allowing the item to be imported. If the entity type or the bundle does not exist, the content item cannot be imported. (CH-287)
    • If you attempt to import a content item to a website where it has already been imported, Content Hub prevents you from importing it again. (CHMS-292)
    • If a content item originated on your website, Content Hub prevents you from importing it again. (CHMS-367)
  • Content Hub prevents websites that did not originally publish a content item from updating or deleting the content item. (CHMS-353)
  • The encryption key configuration setting is not available. (CHMS-334)

Fixed issue from beta version

  • With certain jQuery versions installed, the Saved Filter publish settings menu did not open. (CHMS-350)

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