Content Hub 8.x-1.16

Release Date

The Content Hub client for Drupal 8 (download) contains the following updates:


  • Easily reindex your content after changing an entity's structure
    After you alter the fields that are included in an entity, you can now easily reset and index your content of that entity type by using the drush ach-reset command. Learn more.


  • Media assets attached to entities by WYSIWYG editors now syndicate with the entities. (LAT-501)

Fixed issues

  • Taxonomy terms did not retain parent/child relationships when they were syndicated. (LAT-775)
  • Node access permissions set by some modules (such the Rabbit Hole module) prevented Content Hub from syndicating content. (LAT-1044)
  • Media assets attached to entities were syndicated with the file's temporary upload URL instead of the permanent URL. (LAT-1040)

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