Drupal Commons 3.44

Release Date

Drupal Commons 3.44 (Drupal 7.54 core) contains the following updates:

Resolved security alert

Module updates

  • Updated Acquia Connector to version 7.x-3.1
  • Updated Date to version 7.x-2.10
  • Updated Entity Translation to version 7.x-1.0-beta6
  • Updated Internationalization to version 7.x-1.17
  • Updated Lingotek Translation to version 7.x-7.20
  • Updated Media to version 7.x-2.0
  • Updated Memcache API and Integration to version 7.x-1.6
  • Updated Rules to version 7.x-2.10
  • Updated Views to version 7.x-3.16

Fixed issue

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