Drupal Commons 3.5

Release Date

Drupal Commons 3.5 (Drupal 7.24 core) contains the following features and updates:

Resolved security alerts

This version of Drupal Commons resolves the following security alerts identified on drupal.org:

If you've installed a previous version of Drupal Commons, we strongly encourage you to upgrade your environment to address these issues.

Drupal core and module updates

Fixed issues

  • Add Modernizr library.
  • Remove redundant trusted contacts group validation check.
  • #2131877 by japerry, Devin Carlson: Update 'display in bw widget' form to be checked by default if a feature indicates so.
  • #2130469 by jastraat: Clean up some JS syntax errors that break IE8 and other browsers.
  • #2088421 by japerry, slowflyer: Add comment message notify for comments that aren't in groups.
  • #2105133 by barisw, japerry: Change radioactivity to empty instead of isset.
  • #2135785 by umtj, japerry: Add OG depedency to bw_widget.
  • #2135243 by Devin Carlson: Enabled the RDF and Schema.org modules during installation.
  • #1844152 by Zarabadoo: Report as inappropriate links as hoverovers on content.
  • #2131761 by japerry, Devin Carlson: Add txt as a valid document type.
  • #2130065 by Devin Carlson: Accommodated the new OWNER property in Commons: KISSmetrics.
  • #2123297 by Devin Carlson: Implemented the exclusive property introduced in Drupal 7.22 which allows for the automatic selection of an installation profile without hacking or patching core.
  • #2127735 by Devin Carlson: Fixed Commons Events; no longer unnecessarily depends on the RDF and Schemaorg modules.
  • #2129345 by japerry: Allow users to cancel if event is full and they are already registered.
  • #2124353 by Devin Carlson: Updated Lingotek Translation to 7.x-4.08.
  • #2123249 by japerry: Removed datestamp, project and version identifiers from Commons modules in order to prevent them from showing as unsupported.
  • #2123297 by japerry: Add exclusive tag to commons.
  • #2123249 by japerry: Remove datestamp, project, version identifiers from commons info files.
  • Restored the standard order for including the Voting API project now that the dev profile has been removed.
  • Alphabetized the list of included modules, themes and libraries.
  • #2071047 by Devin Carlson: Fixed sticky content; is displayed at the bottom of lists instead of the top.
  • #2115097 by Devin Carlson: Fixed posting content into groups using the browsing widget short form was impossible by correcting a typo.

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