Lightning 8.x-2.11

Release Date

Lightning 8.x-2.11 (download) contains the following updates:

Module updates


  • The media browser will now be filtered conditionally when used with media reference fields, depending on which media types the field can reference. (#2869240)
  • Implemented an API for bulk entity creation. An interface for bulk upload media items was implemented, but then pulled due to packaging issues. A patch containing the interface is available, and will be merged into Lightning in a later release. (#2870740)
  • Third-party Lightning Media integrations are now included in the README. (GitHub #339, #346)
  • Lightning now uses short array syntax in all of its code. (#2867638)

Fixed issues

  • Lightning Workflow would wrongly interfere with the Save button when creating or editing unmoderated content types. (#2867465)
  • Uninstalling Field UI would break Lightning due to an implicit dependency. (GitHub #340, #327)

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