Lightning 8.x-2.24

Release Date

This release of the Lightning Drupal distribution (download) contains the following updates:


  • Lightning now uses the Content Moderation module instead of the Workbench Moderation module. For details about migrating your content, see Migrating to Content Moderation with Lightning.
  • Added a new Scheduled Publications sub-component of the Lightning workflow, replacing Scheduled Updates (which is incompatible with Content Moderation).
  • The issue queue for Lightning is now located on The previous Lightning issue queue on GitHub is closed.

Fixed issues

  • Media names appeared in view modes, where they had previously been hidden after updating to the Media module included with Drupal core.
  • Lightning's media browser enhancements could not be used on any other view, including clones of the media browser.
  • In certain circumstances, older and irrelevant configuration updates were performed when updating Lightning.

Known issue

  • Recent versions of cweagans/composer-patches are incompatible with older versions of the Git and GNU Patch utilities. Upgrade to the latest stable versions of these utilities on any computer that you use to build Lightning, including continuous integration (CI) services.

For additional information about this release, including any updated or changed Drupal modules included with the distribution, see this release's download page on

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