Checking past campaign executions

Checking a campaign’s execution & history

Once your campaign has been executed (or while it is executing), you can check the status of the campaign by opening the drop-down menu on the campaign list page, next to the campaign you want to look at :

If you click on “History” in that drop-down, you will get a pop-up that lists out all previous executions of this campaign, including any that might be currently running :

You can then see the date/time at which each execution took place, the audience size when it was executed, as well as the status.

The status of a campaign will be one of the following values :

  • Pending : the campaign is being executed, and is not yet finished.

  • Success : the campaign was executed properly, and has been sent.

  • Failed : the campaign failed to execute for various reasons, but typically because the connection to the FTP/ESP/other execution channels was wrongly configured (invalid credentials, etc…) or because there was no audience for this campaign. Please check with your Customer Data Platform (CDP) team to investigate what went wrong.

Getting the data from a previous execution

If for verification or archiving purposes you wanted to get the actual data that was extracted already in the past executions of a campaign (both the audience and the content that were extracted), you can do so from the pop-up described above. Simply click on the “arrow” button next to the execution you want to check to open the Export functionality menu :

Now select the SFTP connector you want to use, and enter the full path for the file (note that, if the folder does not exist, the export will fail) :

Once you confirm, you should see a confirmation screen :

Closing the screen, you will be brought back to the History screen, where you can now see your Export in progress, and you can refresh the pop-up to see the latest status of the export you did :