Selecting an audience

Audience step

As we continue setting up the campaign, we get to the “Audience” step :

This step allows you to define the audience that you want to target for that campaign. You can choose the selection criteria for including audience, and also optionally give the selection criteria for exclusion.

To select an audience, Actions provides 2 concepts called “rules” and “refinements”, detailed below.


You can add a rule based on pre-built filters that are based on the customer’s activity (e.g. “browsed a product”, “purchased a product”, etc…) and add further refinement conditions. You can also add a rule based on attributes/ calculations available per customer (e.g. “primary brand”, “first order date”, etc…).

Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a standard set of more than 80 rules out-of-the-box to pick from. The list of available options include both standard rules and any custom rules configured for your tenant.

You can add a new rule by clicking on the “+” symbol on the left side.

You can combine rules by choosing one condition that applies across all of them - “AND/OR”.

For instance : “include customers who” “placed a transaction in the last 60 days” AND “purchased a product ABC 123”. Note that in this specific example, we are selecting all the customers who purchased something in the last 60 days and those customers should also have purchased “ABC123” at some point, but not necessarily in the same transaction. This is different from getting the list of customers that purchased product “ABC123” in the last 60 days. If you actually want to do the latter, you need to use a “refinement”, described below.


Those are an additional set of conditions that can be applied on top of the “customer activity” rule you selected. You can add refinements to rules by clicking on the “+” button to the right of the rule you created.

In the example above, if you wanted to select the customers that purchased “ABC123” in the last 60 days, you would actually create a rule to “include customers who placed a transaction in the last 60 days”, then add a transaction refinement to that rule stating that the transaction”s “ProductNumber” attribute should be “ABC123”.

For our campaign (see screenshot above), we decide to select engaged VIP customers by :

  • Including customers that :

    • placed a transaction in the last 60 days (this is a “customer activity” based rule), and that transaction was placed in the San Francisco store (this is a refinement on the rule).

    • AND which were in the top revenue decile for the last 12 months (this is a “customer attribute” based rule).

    • AND whose lifetime value (aka total revenue) was greater than $1500 (this is a “customer attribute” based rule).

    • OR who purchases a product in the last 60 days, where the revenue for that product was greater than $400 (this is a refinement on the rule).

  • Excluding the customers that :

    • came to the website more than a year ago for the last time (this is a “customer attribute” based rule).

Audience count

At the top of the audience selection screen, you will see a “refresh” button. If you click on it, it will return the count of master customers that are selected according to your criteria. You can then adjust the criteria depending on how many customers you wanted to include in this campaign.


  • Depending on the size of your tenant’s data, as well as the rules you used and the complexity of your audience selection, this might take a while to return. If it takes too long to return a result, it will give an error message Unable to get count, but the backend will still be computing the count : wait a little bit, then simply click again on the button to get the results.

  • The count returned here does not take into account the content you selected in the Content step : this means that, if some selected customers do not have the content you requested in the Content step (e.g. you select abandoned products and they do not have any), they will actually not be included in the campaign extract. This can lead to apparent discrepancies between the count you see in this screen and the actual count from the History UI (see this article for details about the History UI), or in your ESP.

Next Steps

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