Selecting your destination

ESP campaigns

Once the Content for our campaign is selected, we can pick the destination for our campaign.

This represents the location where the campaign data will be transferred to, for the execution channel you picked for the campaign.

For an ESP supporting relational tables, this “destination table” would represent the list of tables that you can extract data to.

Those “Destination tables” need to be configured beforehand by your Customer Data Platform (CDP) Implementation team, so please sync-up with them to create the destination tables you will need for your campaigns.

SFTP campaigns

For a FTP extract, the “destination table” represents the filename & the folder in which it will be extracted. After selecting the SFTP connector you want to use, you can actually enter the full path of the CSV file you want to create. Note that you can decide to append automatically the date to the file name by checking the box next to the textbox (useful for recurring campaigns, to avoid overwriting the same file every time the campaign is extracted).

Facebook campaigns

For Facebook campaigns, the step looks slightly different, but has the same purpose : in the drop-down, you can select which ad account you want to export this audience to. The list of ad accounts needs to be configured beforehand by your CDP Implementation team.

Next steps

Once you have selected a destination, the only remaining step for your campaign is to review it (Summary) and schedule/send it now : Summary step & scheduling a campaign