Acquia Commerce Manager API

Acquia Commerce Manager provides a robust API, enabling developers to both customize their Drupal websites and those websites’ interactions with your eCommerce solution.

The following APIs are available for use with Acquia Commerce Manager:

  • Acquia Commerce Manager API - Enables direct interaction with Acquia Commerce Manager. The base URI for your Acquia Commerce Manager API endpoint is:


    where your [REGION] is either us-east-1 or eu-west-1.

  • Swagger API documentation - Allows you to browse the API documentation for Acquia Commerce Manager using the following URI:


    where your [REGION] is either us-east-1 or eu-west-1.

  • HMAC API - Enables you to interact with the Acquia Commerce Manager using Postman. Read HTTP HMAC Postman for usage instructions.

Creating Newsletters

The Acquia Commerce Manager API provides a call that can be used to subscribe your users to newsletters.


Use this call with the user’s email address to subscribe your users. If you want to create a subscription system, you can add a custom Checkout Pane and Checkout Flow which includes asking if customers would like to subscribe.