Checkout and payment methods

The Acquia Commerce Manager Drupal modules provide a pluggable checkout experience that interfaces with your commerce solution, by way of the Commerce Connector Service. The default checkout flow captures customer information and places an order with the commerce solution. After the order has been placed, all order management tasks happen from the commerce solution.

This functionality can be enabled and disabled independently of the core Acquia Commerce Manager module, as the checkout process is provided by the Acquia Commerce Checkout submodule.

The Acquia Commerce Manager modules introduce a concept known as Checkout Flows. These are configurable steps that customers will need to complete before their order is placed with the commerce solution. To begin the checkout process, a customer is expected to review their cart from the Cart Page ( — which uses a Checkout Pane — and then continue through the checkout with the Payment Method.

Checkout Panes, Flows, and Payment Methods are plugins, which can be modified by a developer.

The default checkout flow defines five steps for placing an order:


Shipping and billing addresses is handled by the Address Drupal module, which is installed when setting up Acquia Commerce Manager.

To enable addresses for your users, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Drupal website as an administrator.

  2. Go to Configuration > Account settings > Manage fields.

  3. Click Add new field.

  4. In the list, select Address, and then click Save and continue.

  5. Fill out the fields as appropriate for your website.

When complete, address forms will appear on the user’s account page. If this is a new customer, Acquia Commerce Manager will select the Save address checkbox. If the user already has stored an address, this checkbox will not be selected, but the user may choose to select it and store additional addresses.

Payment methods

Payments are handled by the commerce solution. Drupal will interface with the Commerce Connector Service to initialize the payment processes when the order is placed. Credit card information will be passed between the Acquia Commerce Manager components, but will not be stored in Drupal.

Drupal can support multiple payment methods. The following payment methods are currently supported by Acquia Commerce Manager:


  • Braintree

  • Cheque/Money order


Shipping details should be configured in the commerce solution. The Commerce Connector Service will coordinate between the Drupal website and the commerce solution to display relevant shipping information, based on the configured shipping values in the commerce solution.

Review the order

This step in the process displays a summary of each completed step throughout the checkout. It allows the customer to verify their entered information, and perform any alterations prior to sending the order to the Commerce Connector Service for processing.