Multilingual Acquia Commerce Manager

Acquia Commerce Manager supports multiple languages, so you can meet the needs of your customers in multiple regions. After your store is configured, content creation or updates on your commerce system will be pushed to Drupal.

To create these stores with different languages, use the following pages and procedures.

  1. Configure Drupal for multiple locales

  2. Configure your Magento instance for multiple store views based on languages

  3. Create authorizations and systems in the Commerce Connector Service for Magento and Drupal with the Acquia Commerce Manager API, and map those systems together

After you complete your setup and mapping, configurations like these examples are possible:

  • Drupal communicates with Magento

  • Drupal English content (EN) synchronizes with Magento English content (en_US)

  • Drupal Spanish content (ES) synchronizes with Magento Spanish content (es_MX)

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