Acquia Commerce Manager Promotions

You can create promotions in your commerce software which can be synchronized to the Acquia Commerce Manager system. You will need to periodically synchronize your promotion data to ensure that the promotions are up to date and to see updated prices on SKUs.

To automate synchronization, the acq_promotions module, included with Acquia Commerce Manager, enables easy promotion synchronization through Drush commands. For more information about creating cron jobs with these Drush commands, see Using scheduled jobs to support your application.

Before you synchronize promotions, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have added all necessary content languages in Drupal. See Multilingual configuration.

  2. Ensure you have added all store_id configurations.

Once your stores and promotions are ready, or whenever you need to make a change to your promotions, complete these steps:

  1. Sync the promotions with the drush sync-commerce-promotions command.

  2. Sync the products with the drush sync-commerce-products command.

The Drupal website will make a request to the Commerce Connector Service to request the promotion details. The conductor will make a request to the commerce back end and return all available promotions in a synchronous request which allows us to run this command locally.

When updating promotions, SKU prices will be updated, based on catalog promotions, and any promotions that are not applicable will not be synced. This might include promotions that do not apply to any products based on the conditional rules in your commerce solution.


To manually synchronize your promotion data, See Acquia Commerce Manager configuration settings for help with synchronization settings.

Multilingual configuration

Magento stores multilingual content as separate stores within a single Magento website, using one store per language. These stores must be be mapped directly to the generated store_id in Drupal. This is a manual step, as there is no UI to assign store_id values to language codes in Drupal.

Configuration per store

To synchronize promotions that match languages installed in Drupal, you will need to ensure that there is a language specific configuration override for the store_id.

You can use code similar to the following to assist you in setting configuration values:

$conf = \Drupal::languageManager()->getLanguageConfigOverride($langcode, '');
$conf->set('store_id', $store_id);