Content Hub known issues with Drupal 8

This page describes known issues for Acquia Content Hub.

Issue during Content Hub imports

When you use the purge_processor_lateruntime module during Content Hub imports, the purge queue might increase substantially.

Workaround: Disable the purge_processor_lateruntime module.

Issue while syndicating a new translation of an already syndicated entity

While syndicating a new translation of an already syndicated entity in Content Hub 1.x, the published state of the new translation entity on the subscribing site may be unpublished.

Workaround: Syndicate all translations simultaneously from the publishing website or update the newly syndicated translations manually on the subscribing website.

Cloning a database or staging a website causes content syndication failuresAcquia discourages cloning a database or staging a website. However, customers can do this by following the instructions in Staging down syndication websites.
Drupal 8.8 or later is not compatible with Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.44 or earlier

Starting with Drupal 8.8, the method to handle URL path aliases is handled by a new entity. This change includes dropping the url_alias table and adding the path_alias table.

The Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.45 client for Drupal 8 (download) supports Drupal 8.8. Upgrade your Acquia Content Hub modules first, then upgrade Drupal core.

Acquia Content Hub compatibility with file storage modules
  • Acquia Content Hub is compatible with the S3FS module in version 8.x-2.9 or later. Content Hub 2.x supports only s3 external file systems using the S3FS module.
  • Content Hub 1.x does not support external file systems in Drupal 8 or Drupal 7.
Config split causes configuration changes with Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x

When syndicating content from the publisher to subscriber website using config split, you may observe configuration changes on the subscribing website. For more information, see Using config split with Content Hub.

Workaround: Update config split to include the missing configuration to match the new data model required for the syndicated entities. For more information, see issue.

Content Moderation module is incompatible with older versions of Acquia Content Hub 1.x

When syndicating content from the publisher to subscriber website, some content remains unpublished on the subscriber website.

Workaround: Upgrade to the most recent version of the Acquia Content Hub 1.x module.

Drupal 8.6 requires Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.30 or later
Content Hub client for Drupal 8 requires Drupal 8.4 or laterThe Content Hub client for Drupal 8 requires Drupal 8.4 or later, and is not compatible with previous Drupal versions.
Downgrading from Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x to 8.x-1.xIf you have upgraded to Acquia Content Hub 2.x, and then downgrade to 1.x, you may receive an error message when attempting to use Drush like error Class \Drupal\acquia_contenthub\Commands\AcquiaContenthubCommands does not exist. For more information, see this issue.
No operability between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites
  • All websites in a Content Hub installation must be on the same major version of Drupal.
  • Content cannot be shared between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites.
The discovery page does not have a select-all optionYou must select one item of content at a time.
Administrative users must ensure that they do not override the REST configuration entity types created by Content HubOverriding these entities can remove saved Content Hub filters. This is only applicable to Content Hub 1.x.
Webhook registration sometimes fails when savingWorkaround: If this occurs, retry and it should eventually save.
Websites using Content Hub must be fully HTTP or HTTPSMixed-mode websites will experience difficulties when using any version of Content Hub.
Site Factory subscribers who clone content may encounter problems when attempting to publish the cloned content to Personalization
Password protection using .htaccess

Websites using Content Hub in development or staging environments that protect those environments using .htaccess password protection may have difficulties synchronizing content. To prevent issues, Acquia recommends that you allowlist both your webhook URL and the path. The path is based on your installed version of Drupal:

  • Drupal 8: /acquia-contenthub/*
  • Drupal 7: content-hub/*

For information about using Content Hub with the Shield module, see Modules to use with Content Hub 1.x.

Auto synchronization fails when entities in field collections have translations

Synchronization of content does not work properly when Field collections are enabled on publisher and subscriber Content Hub websites, and where Entity translations are only in use on the publisher website. Field collections are not translatable in all use cases.

The common use case is to leave the field collection field untranslatable and set the necessary fields inside it to translatable. There is a known issue where a host cannot be translated unless it has at least one other translatable field, even if some fields inside one of its field collections are translatable.

Workaround: Errors are partially handled in Content Hub release 1.11.0, and Content Hub indicates in the user interface that this configuration is not supported. Users may continue to experience problems when using translation and Field collections.

Issue when editing filters for websites with large numbers of tags

If you have a large number of tags (800 or more), the filter controls may stop working when you save a filter.

Workaround: Reload the content discovery page.

Valid webhooks fail to registerIf the server hosting the publishing or subscribing website is not keeping correct time, webhook registration can fail with the following error message: There was a problem trying to register Webhook URL [URL]. Error Code = 4005: The provided URL did not respond with a valid authorization.
Metatag module does not export from URL with trailing slash

When using the Metatag module, Content Hub may not export content if you include a trailing slash when using the -l parameter with Drush.

  • Correct usage

    drush -l queue-run acquia_contenthub_export_queue

  • Incorrect usage

    drush -l queue-run acquia_contenthub_export_queue

Content Moderation and auto publishing conflictsContent Moderation module users may experience issues with auto publishing in Content Hub. For more information, see Saving filters and publish settings.