Reporting diagnostic and usage information


End of Support notice! Acquia has stopped support for Dev Desktop on June 30, 2021. Acquia recommends that you transition to Acquia Cloud IDE for a managed development environment on Cloud Platform. For more information, see Migrating from Dev Desktop to Cloud IDE.

Acquia also provides limited integration with open source alternatives to Cloud IDE for local development. For more information, see Local development solutions.

Acquia would like your help improving the quality and performance of its products and services. You can help Acquia improve Acquia Dev Desktop by choosing to send Acquia anonymous diagnostic and usage data. You can opt in or out of sending diagnostic and usage data when you install Acquia Dev Desktop, or after installation in the Preferences > General tab.

If Help us improve… is checked, Acquia Dev Desktop securely and anonymously sends usage data to Acquia. This data includes information such as what feature was used, when it was used, and if any errors were received. Using the data sent, Acquia can see how Acquia Dev Desktop is being used, and make informed decisions as to where to invest in Acquia Dev Desktop in the future. It does not send any personal or site information.

For example, if Help us improve… is checked, Acquia Dev Desktop securely sends when someone starts and stops Acquia Dev Desktop, creates a site, changes preferences, clones Cloud Platform sites, creates new sites, or pushes code. However, Acquia Dev Desktop never sends any site information such as your website’s URL, domain, code, files, or database. If you use Acquia Dev Desktop to view or clone a site, Acquia Dev Desktop securely sends that an unknown site was viewed or cloned, but never sends any data about the site, or any personally identifiable information, such as your email address.

Manually sending information to Acquia

You can report to Acquia any issues you encounter while using Acquia Dev Desktop. In the application menu, select Help > Report an issue. If possible, enable verbose logging and reproduce the issue before you send your report. Provide as much information as you can about what you were doing and what you saw when you encountered the problem.

In addition to the information you provide in the form, Report an issue sends logs and configuration information to Acquia to help us diagnose the issue. This information includes basic site details such as URLs, so we can help debug issues you may have with a particular site. You can see what information is collected by running the diag app (found in the folder where you installed Dev Desktop) and inspecting the resulting file. This, together with the form you fill out with your name and email address (so that if we have follow up questions, we can contact you), is the only information sent to Acquia when you select Help > Report an issue.

Privacy policy

To learn more, see:

  • Acquia’s privacy policy.

  • The Acquia Dev Desktop license agreement, which is the MasterLicense.txt file in the Acquia Dev Desktop installation folder.