Migrating from Dev Desktop to Cloud IDE


End of Support notice! Acquia has stopped support for Dev Desktop on June 30, 2021. Acquia recommends that you transition to Cloud IDE for a managed development environment on Cloud Platform. For more information, see Migrating from Dev Desktop to Cloud IDE.

Acquia also provides limited integration with open source alternatives to Cloud IDE for local development. For more information, see Local development solutions.

This page describes how to migrate from Acquia Dev Desktop to Cloud IDE.

Migration Steps

Migrating from Acquia Dev Desktop to Cloud IDE is fast and simple. In most cases it doesn’t require changes to your Drupal application.

1. Push your work up to the Cloud Platform

If you have any work in progress on your local machine, finish it and push your changes upstream. You can use Dev Desktop’s built-in ability to push code, database, and files from your computer back to the Cloud Platform to accomplish this.

Follow the instructions here.

2. Uninstall Dev Desktop

To uninstall Dev Desktop from your local machine, follow the instructions here.

3. Create a new Cloud IDE

The new Cloud IDE will be a personal development environment that is tied to your Cloud Platform user account and your Cloud Platform application.

Rather than creating a local LAMP stack like Dev Desktop did, Cloud IDE is hosted on the Cloud Platform and provides you with a preconfigured development environment that is fully optimized for Drupal development.

You only need a web browser to access your Cloud IDE. It allows you to write, run and debug code, execute terminal commands and get access to all the Drupal tooling you need through your browser.

Follow these instructions to create your new IDE.

4. Pull your work from the Cloud Platform

The last step is to copy your code, database, and files from the Cloud Platform into your Cloud IDE. Follow these instructions.

You can now start using Cloud IDE for Drupal development. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do with Cloud IDE, take a look at the getting started tuturial.