Evaluating Content Hub 8.x-1.x deployment

This document contains information about evaluating Content Hub 8.x-1.x deployment before upgrading to Content Hub 8.x-2.x.


Content Hub Upgrade Console (CHUC) is a console-based tool, which helps Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.x customers to upgrade to the latest version 8.x-2.x. Apart from upgrading, it also provides auditing, troubleshooting and fleet-wide commands to Acquia Content Hub customers.

Before you proceed to upgrade your Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.x deployment to Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x, we recommend that you evaluate your requirements based on the following steps.

Determine the use cases

We strongly recommend using CHUC to upgrade your Acquia Content Hub modules to version 8.x-2.x if you employ syndication as a use case. For purely Acquia Personalization use cases, Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.x continues to be compatible with Acquia Personalization. In order to determine your use case, check if you have subscribers enabled on any Acquia Content Hub installation and use syndication to re-use published content from a publisher site in your site fleet.

Determine level of activity

Are you an active customer or have you installed Acquia Content Hub but never went live in production?

Understand differences between Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.x and Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x

See Content Hub for differences between the two versions.

Review and evaluate the considerations

Since Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x is a complete rewrite of the product and is re-architected to optimize and enhance its syndication capabilities, there are several considerations you need to make and plan for prior to upgrade. These include:

  • Review content architecture that is, types of entities, complexity and level of dependencies.

  • Review your needs for configuration and user entity syndication. With Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x, all data from publishers is syndicated to subscribing sites.

  • Review your needs for exporting and importing entities. With Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x, you need to set up Drupal queues for syndication.

  • Review your use of filters. With Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x, Publisher syndicates all content and subscribers can select via filters the content to ingest.

  • Review your custom modules, third-party integration and deployment workflows if they depend on a Acquia Content Hub 8.x-1.x feature that has changed in Acquia Content Hub 8.x-2.x.

  • Review your development and deployment workflows and ensure that they are set up for success.

  • Ensure that you have a dedicated Acquia Content Hub account per environment.

Use the following questionnaire to evaluate your readiness for the upgrade

  • Do you have this Acquia Content Hub account unique for every environment?

  • How will you approach configuration management?

  • Are you registering this Acquia Content Hub client to a site with a fresh database or was the database copied from another site?

  • Does this site have a valid SSL certificate?

  • If this is a subscribing site, does it match the multilingual setup of the publisher?

  • Have you applied all database updates for your sites?

  • Do you have any null config UUIDs?

  • Are you using paragraphs and is any paragraph data orphaned in the database?

  • Are you using private filestream wrappers?

  • Are you using Views?

  • Are you using Layout Builder?

  • How many publishing sites are you planning on implementing?

  • Do you plan on syndicating users to sites with existing users?

  • How will you handle running the export and import queues?

  • What is your strategy for site stage down?

  • Do you plan to update and persist content on subscribers?

  • Do you have a need for selective exporting of content?