Google Analytics and CDP integration

Standard Reports

With the Google Analytics integration, Customer Data Platform (CDP) can provide standard reports to help you better understand your marketing performances.

How to get this integration ?

The process is very simple :

  1. You provide CDP access to your Google Analytics account. All details about this step can be found here

  2. You provide your CDP Customer Success Manager the View ID of the Google Analytics account you want CDP to integrate. To know what this View ID is and where to find it, please read this article

  3. CDP will setup the integration and start pulling data from your Google Analytics. This typically takes 2 days. For more details on the data that we can pull from Google Analytics, please see this article

  4. You will be able to see the data in Reports and Metrics applications as soon as the integration is done.

Data pulled

For details on what data the Google Analytics API allows us to pull.

Please note that this integration works for both Classic Analytics and Universal Analytics (the new version of Google Analytics)


  • The Google Analytics API does not provide individual sources for all customers, and it would not be very accurate if they did, given that it would be solely based on cookie-level information. The CDP Google Analytics Connector uses the TransactionID to tie directly your campaigns to your customers’ transactions, allowing us to have a better accuracy (via our deduping) in case some customers placed transactions under different cookies (e.g. transactions placed via mobile vs desktop websites).

  • The Google Analytics TransactionID must match the OrderNumber you are sending in the CDP Standard Data Feed for this integration to work correctly.

  • Unfortunately, the traffic source for visitors who did not place an order is still not available through the Google Analytics API. Additionally, we cannot do re-attribution between multiple sources for an order. We can only pull what Google Analytics says is the last touch for an order.

  • From the moment we start the integration, our connector will pull the previous 2 years of transactions by default. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need CDP to start a project to pull more data, but please keep in mind that the more data we pull, the more time it will take to refresh the application the first time (ie. when the integration is turned on) .

  • The data available through the Google Analytics API typically refreshes once a day for regular-sized websites (Data limits for Universal Analytics properties), so the data available for the Google Analytics report will usually lag 24-48 hours behind the actual events.

Google Analytics contain the following topics: