Getting started


Acquia will remove all features of Acquia Migrate Accelerate from Cloud Platform on April 10, 2024. For all Drupal site owners, an open source version of the Acquia Migrate Accelerate module is available in the community. For more information, see Acquia Migrate: Accelerate - now open source!.

Onboarding overview

The Acquia Migrate Accelerate onboarding is delivered through Acquia Academy, which is Acquia’s learning management platform. You can also get onboarding support from Acquia Professional Services, if required.

With Acquia’s self-paced electronic learning program, you can:

  • Gain familiarity with this product on your own schedule.

  • Develop the skills required to migrate your sites to Drupal.

Onboarding resources

The following resources are available to support you during your onboarding:

Planning for success

Acquia has identified that successful migrations have alignment across the project team and organization. Acquia suggests that you identify personnel for the following roles:

  • Executive Sponsor: Provides the vision and acts as the primary stakeholder for the success of the migration.

  • Project Manager: Facilitates and tracks the progress of the implementation, and acts as the primary point of contact.

  • Technical Server Administrator: Sets up the infrastructure for test, user acceptance, and production.

  • Platform Owner or Administrator: Acts as the technical leader who takes ownership of the origin site or platform across departments, with deep knowledge of structure, configuration, and use of the platform.

  • Enterprise Architect or Drupal Developer: Is an experienced Drupal developer who provides insight into the desired Drupal content architecture model that can be used on the Drupal site.

  • Content Editor: Provides input on content structure and mapping, and enrichment rules for content.

Customer preparation

The Acquia Migrate Accelerate onboarding is effective if you:

  • Have leadership alignment: Senior level leaders must align on the digital strategy and architecture of the final platform, and make it a priority for the team. If you can articulate why you are migrating to Drupal, and what business challenges you want to solve by doing so, the migration can be accomplished with achieving those goals in mind.

  • Have defined success metrics: Having clear, measurable, and universally understood criteria helps all parties to measure and articulate the success of the platform.

  • Have an implementation team: You must have the right team to design the right content architecture, and develop applications using Drupal. You can do it internally, or through a development partner or Acquia Professional Services.

  • Get trained and certified: You can identify project participants, developers, site builders, and account administrators who need access to the Acquia Migrate Accelerate onboarding resources. Drupal certifications are available for developers. Such certifications can increase confidence in the final design use of the platform. For more information, see Acquia Certification Study Guides.

  • Have Drupal skills: Having an experienced Drupal architect or developer prior to the start of the migration project is a must. This person is instrumental in designing and adhering to a content architecture model that works in Drupal and meets your needs.

Acquia Academy outcomes

You must meet the following success criteria after you complete Acquia Academy courses:

  • You understand what to expect of your experience working with Acquia Migrate Accelerate products and services.

  • You understand how to conduct a migration using Acquia Migrate Accelerate.

  • You accessed Drupal e-learning and other related resources that can assist you.

  • You can conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on your migration.

  • You understand how to launch your new website.

Onboarding checklist

Complete the following checklist as you navigate your onboarding:

  • Access Acquia Migrate Accelerate functionality when you are logged into Cloud Platform.

  • Conduct a test migration.

  • Understand what Acquia Migrate Accelerate can do and not do related to your migration.

Additional support

Acquia offers supplemental support through Professional Services engagements for those seeking additional guidance with migration, including:

  • Consulting hours

  • Discovery, planning, and architecture workshops

  • Full-service site migration

For more information about the available options, see Professional Services Product Guide or contact your Acquia Account Manager.