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Browser developer tools

Modern web browsers can display more than the contents of a webpage. Web browsers now include tools you can use to inspect a website’s HTML, do performance tests, or even reorganize the contents of a page to view changes in context.

In most cases, you can display a browser’s developer tools by pressing F12 in Windows or Command-Option-I in macOS, or by right-clicking what you want to examine, and then clicking Inspect Element.

Available browser developer tools

The following browsers either include developer tools for your use, or have separate plugins integrating with the browser to provide developer tools:

Browser Tool Availability Info
Google Chrome DevTools Integrated product link
Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools Integrated product link
Mozilla Firefox Firebug Plugin product link
Microsoft Edge F12 developer tools Integrated product link
Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Integrated product link
Apple Safari Developer Tools Integrated product link

Note for Apple Safari users

To enable the integrated developer options in Safari, go to Safari > Preferences, and in the Advanced tab, select the Show Develop menu in the menu bar check box.

The integrated developer features now display in the Develop menu.

Developer tools for iOS browsers

When developing for an iPhone or iPad, you can use a Safari browser on macOS to view webpages as presented on iOS devices. For information about the process, see Viewing the Source Code on iPhone and iPads using Safari Webkit Development Tools.

Other useful tools

Beyond the general inspection tools offered by most browsers, various useful tools are available . For example, several tools for two of the most popular, current browsers include: