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Content Delivery Network caching

By integrating your website with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can take advantage of the CDN’s content caching and distributed edge delivery. Drupal can integrate with origin-pull as well as push CDNs. Acquia Cloud Enterprise websites can use Acquia Cloud Edge. In addition, Acquia customers integrate with Akamai, Level 3, AWS CloudFront, Limelight, AT&T, Edgecast, and others. The Drupal CDN module is a useful element for CDN integration.

Note for Acquia Cloud users

A CDN’s operations can conflict with the operation of the Varnish cache on your Acquia Cloud load balancer. If you want to use a CDN with your website, use Acquia Cloud Edge or contact Acquia Support to coordinate the integration. For more information, see Using a Content Delivery Network with Acquia Cloud <>.

Additional caching information

For more information about caching on your Drupal website, see Caching overview. You may also find Wim Leers’ Acquia CDN webinar helpful.