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Content Delivery Network caching

By integrating your website with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can take advantage of the CDN’s content caching and distributed edge delivery. Drupal can integrate with origin-pull as well as push CDNs. Acquia Cloud Enterprise websites can use Acquia Cloud Edge. In addition, Acquia customers integrate with Akamai, Level 3, AWS CloudFront, Limelight, AT&T, Edgecast, and others. The Drupal CDN module is a useful element for CDN integration.

Note for Acquia Cloud users

A CDN’s operations can conflict with the operation of the Varnish cache on your Acquia Cloud load balancer. If you want to use a CDN with your website, use Acquia Cloud Edge or contact Acquia Support to coordinate the integration. For more information, see Using a Content Delivery Network with Acquia Cloud.

Additional caching information

For more information about caching on your Drupal website, see Caching overview. You may also find Wim Leers’ Acquia CDN webinar helpful.