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Content and content type definitions

For more information about Drupal terms and terminology, see the Acquia Help Center Drupal term index.

Just as you would expect, the content of your website is the information you want to provide to your website’s visitors.


Content items — called nodes in Drupal — are always of a given content type.

A content type defines how content is collected and displayed. All content types have a title and a body, but this is not always enough to differentiate different kinds of content. To define specific characteristics of different kinds of content, you can add and change the fields on an existing content type and create a new content type with the fields needed to describe it.

Different content types are created with different functions in mind, and therefore have different sets of fields. Defining your content by content type also gives you one more criterion that allows you to sort and publish your content in different ways and places on your website.

Drupal allows site administrators to edit the standard settings of content types and define custom content types at Structure > Content types.

For more information, see the Content types definition page on, or About content types.