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Realm definition

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If you host your website on Acquia Cloud, a realm is the configured space in which an environment exists. Each realm has a unique identifier that’s a required configuration option in some commands issued using the command line interface (CLI), the Acquia Cloud API, and Cloud Hooks.

Some common realms include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Acquia Cloud Enterprise: prod
  • Acquia Cloud Professional: devcloud
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory: The value can vary for Acquia Cloud Site Factory subscribers. To identify the correct realm for an Acquia Cloud Site Factory subscription, contact Acquia support.

Acquia Cloud will display the realm for your subscription in the default domain name included with your subscription. For example, a default domain name for a website in an Acquia Cloud Professional subscription can be

You may also discover the realm for your subscription when accessing your environments using SSH or using SFTP.

The realm for your subscription is also available as the AH_REALM environment variable.