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Tier definition

For more information about Drupal terms and terminology, see the Acquia Help Center Drupal term index.

Tier has two different definitions, depending on if you are talking about server architecture or Acquia subscriptions.

Server architecture

In server architecture, tier refers to whether you have multiple levels of servers.

The following list describes the different tiers as it pertains to the Acquia Platform:

  • Multi-tier

    Multi-tier customers have Apache and MySQL running on separate servers.

    For example, a multi-tier customer’s production environment might have a set of web servers (web-123 and web-124) that run Apache, and a set of database servers (fsdb-123 and fsdb-124) that run MySQL.

  • Single-tier

    Single-tier customers have Apache and MySQL running on the same server(s).

Note for Acquia Cloud users

Acquia Cloud Enterprise-level customers can be either single-tier or multi-tier; all Acquia Cloud Professional customers are single-tier.

Acquia subscriptions

Acquia customers have subscriptions that define their tier, which in turn defines the level of support they are entitled to receive. For more information on subscription tiers, see: