Acquia product name mapping

Acquia products changed many of their names in June 2020. The following chart explains the current product names next to their prior product names. During the naming transition, some subscribers may have contracts, certifications, and other information referring to products by their prior names.

Name prior to June 30, 2020 Current name
AgilOne Customer Data Platform
AgilOne Customer Data Platform module (analytics) Analytics
AgilOne Customer Data Platform module (machine learning) Machine Learning
Acquia Cloud Cloud Platform
Acquia Lift Personalization
Mautic Campaign Studio
Mautic Campaigns Journey Builder
Mautic Email Builder Email Builder
Mautic Mobile Builder Mobile Builder
Maestro Campaign Factory
Cohesion Site Studio
Edge Protect Edge Security
Remote IDE Cloud IDE

The following product names remain the same:

  • Content Hub
  • DAM
  • Edge CDN
  • Site Factory

Drupal Cloud

The following products fall under the Drupal Cloud umbrella. These products help you install and build your website, and create content.

  • Cloud Platform
  • Site Studio
  • Edge CDN
  • Edge Security
  • Site Factory
  • Content Hub
  • Cloud IDE

Marketing Cloud

The following products are part of Acquia’s Marketing Cloud. These products help you build user experiences, including email campaigns, website personalizations, and analysis of user patterns.

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Personalization
  • Campaign Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Email Builder
  • Mobile Builder
  • Campaign Factory
  • DAM