2017 Drupal 6 (D6) Support Policy


Drupal 6 was originally released on 13 February 2008. The Drupal project ended all support for Drupal 6 in February of 2016 after Drupal 8 was released. This means no further feature or security releases to Drupal 6 core are being issued and the Drupal Security Team no longer reviews Drupal 6 issues. Drupal 6 core has not changed since 24 February 2016 and may include unknown security risks for those still running it.

Acquia’s policy on supporting major Drupal versions provides for one year of continued support after a version is deprecated by the Drupal project. Thereafter, continued support for the deprecated version may be available at additional cost. Drupal application lifecycle support details may be found in the Support Users Guide.

Drupal 6 Support Coverage Dates

  • Acquia provides support for Drupal 6 as part of its standard support subscription offering for customers with contracts in effect on or before 28 February 2017.

  • After 28 February 2017, Drupal 6 customers may renew their support subscription at the rate of 1.3x the standard subscription rate.

  • Drupal 6 customers renewing after 28 February 2017 will receive support on Drupal 6 between 28 February 2017 and the contract anniversary date (not to exceed 12 months).

  • Acquia has not determined if Drupal 6 application support will be offered to customers renewing support contracts in 2018.

Drupal 6 Application Support

Acquia diagnostic support for customers running Drupal 6 based applications includes:  

  • Support response to inquiries regarding issues with D6 applications

  • Continued diagnostic support for custom D6 modules

  • Advisory hours as requested by the customer limited only by customer’s support entitlement

For Drupal 6 customers who do not renew at the 1.3x rate, Acquia will respond to support requests related to Acquia Platform and infrastructure issues but reserves the right to not respond to Drupal 6 application questions.

Remote Administration customers: No core security updates have been issued for Drupal 6 core modules since February 2016 and no further updates will be issued by Drupal.org. The Drupal Community has an active LTS program which can/will provide Drupal 6 security updates to interested parties. Remote Administration services are not available to Drupal 6 customers after 28 February 2017 and customers are responsible for applying any third-party updates or patches available after that date.

Acquia Platform Support

  • Drupal 6 reaches end-of-support on the Acquia Platform on 28 February 2017.

  • No specific or immediate changes are being made at that time which will inhibit Drupal 6 compatibility; however, this means guaranteed platform compatibility ends.

  • It is possible future platform changes and/or technology refreshes may not be compatible with Drupal 6 after 28 February 2017.

  • No Acquia Platform testing for Drupal 6 compatibility will take place after 28 February 2017.

  • Platform changes resulting in Drupal 6 incompatibility will not be reverted.

  • Customers may find it necessary to make application code and/or configuration changes to maintain Acquia Platform compatibility. It is possible for platform changes to render certain Drupal 6 functionality, or stack components on which Drupal 6 depends, permanently incompatible.


Support subscriptions for sites running on Drupal 6 renewing after 28 February 2017 may renew for 1.3X the standard annual subscription cost.

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