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Managed scheduled jobs

Schedule jobs help you run periodic tasks such as Drupal cron, or bespoke processing such as content ingestion or export.


While Cloud Platform provides a Scheduled jobs user interface, Acquia China Managed Services allows access directly to crontab Task Server.


To set up cron jobs for a specific environment, you need to have SSH access to the environment’s target server.

Creating scheduled jobs

  1. SSH to the target server.

    The target server for each environment is different.

    • For the production environment, you need to set up cron jobs on Task Server.

    • For the non-production environment, you can set up cron jobs on the server directly.

  2. Edit the crontab file with the following command:

    crontab -e
  3. Create a scheduled job. The following example command runs cron every 15 minutes and logs the output to a file, which is then rotated every day and gzipped after a date:

    # site cron will be triggered every 15 minutes
    DATE_TAG=`date +%Y%m%d`
    */15 * * * * drush core-cron -l [site-uri] 2>&1 >> /mnt/logs/drush-cron/cron.log
    0 0 * * * mv /mnt/logs/drush-cron/cron.log /mnt/logs/drush-cron/cron-${DATE_TAG}.log 2>&1 > /dev/null
    3 0 * * * find /mnt/logs/drush-cron -name \*.log -ctime -1d -exec gzip {} \; 2>&1 > /dev/null

    [site-uri] is the domain of your site.