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Working with files


User-uploaded files through the Drupal application (the /files directory) are stored on a network filesystem shared across web nodes. The network filesystem for your application is accessible as /mnt/efs/files/[SITE], where [SITE] is the name of your application. The same pattern of path is used for non-Production and Production environments.

The Drupal sites settings file is accessible as /mnt/efs/settings/[SITE].

If you have deployed Drupal docroot, which is on the local disk for performance, symbolic links are created from the /files directory to the actual /files directory in the network filesystem. This symlink allows Drupal to access the files in the location it expects. For example, [docroot]/sites/default/files is set up to be a symbolic link to /mnt/efs/files/[site]/files. Symbolic links are also created in any subdirectory of docroot/sites containing a file named settings.ach-cloud.php with platform settings.

To import your user-uploaded files to your hosted application:

  1. Enable SSH access to your server.

  2. Upload your files to the user-uploaded files directory using the sftp, scp, or rsync command.

    This directory is /mnt/efs/files/[SITE]/sites/default/files or, for multisite installations, /mnt/efs/files/[SITE]/sites/[sitedir]/files. For examples of using rsync, see rsyncing files on Cloud Platform.