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Support Communications

Acquia Support will notify subscribers about the following types of events:


Although we make every reasonable effort to limit our communications to subscribers directly affected by an issue, depending on the scope and urgency, we may choose to use several communication channels to reach our subscribers as soon as possible.

  • Scheduled maintenance

    Scheduled maintenance actions are planned maintenance actions (such as Cloud Platform releases, Site Factory releases, or other routine maintenance) required to ensure your application remains secure and better performing. Scheduled maintenance actions are typically communicated using email, although you may also receive maintenance notices as a ticket. Scheduled maintenance is often performed between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM local time in your hosting region to reduce impact to you and your website visitors.

  • Unscheduled maintenance

    Unscheduled maintenance is urgent maintenance performed to ensure the security or performance of your application. This maintenance may begin as soon as a security issue is announced or if your instance becomes impaired and requires maintenance to return to its optimal performance. If the entire platform requires unscheduled maintenance, Acquia will notify you by updates to or by email. If unscheduled maintenance is necessary to address a specific impairment to the instances supporting your application, you will be notified by an Acquia Support ticket. For some unscheduled maintenance events, such as critical security events, Acquia will work to resolve the issue, and then notify you as soon as possible.

  • Product changes or improvements

    Product changes or improvements typically occur when Acquia implements changes impacting how subscribers interact with their applications, either with the Cloud Platform interface, terminal access, or when Acquia implements improvements to specific products (such as Personalization or Acquia Edge). These changes are typically scheduled 30 to 90 days in advance to ensure subscribers have enough time to make the required changes to take advantage of new developments.

    The channel used to communicate a change depends on the length of the campaign, the number of subscribers involved, and the impact the change will have on application performance or the Cloud Platform interface. Such changes will often occur with a Cloud Platform release; in such cases, subscribers will be notified in the Cloud Platform release notes and release notifications. Acquia may notify subscribers about specific changes or improvements by email, a Support ticket, or through direct outreach from the Account Manager or Technical Account Manager. Subscribers will receive no fewer than two notifications about such a change.

  • End-of-life (EOL) campaigns

    EOL campaigns focus on efforts to ensure all components of Cloud Platform including Acquia products, product features, and other Acquia services remain secure, supported, and up-to-date providing Acquia subscribers with the performance benefits of emerging cloud technologies. Obsolete platform components may impact website performance or security and can require changes to subscriber applications when retired. These campaigns typically span three to six months to allow Acquia to work with subscribers to ensure minimal application impact. The timing of the changes are scheduled to allow subscribers enough time to make any necessary changes to their applications. During EOL campaigns, Acquia must contact subscribers several times across various communication channels, including an announcement on our Software end-of-life schedule, pages in the Acquia Docs and knowledge base, email notices, Support tickets, and direct outreach from an Account Manager, Technical Account Manager, or Acquia Support.

  • Holidays

    Acquia will notify subscribers one week before any office closures due to local or regional holidays. Subscribers will receive notices based on their Support region (Europe/Africa/Middle East, Asia Pacific/Japan, or the Americas) indicating the Acquia resources available for Critical request responses during the office closure. Subscribers must consider all resources unavailable until the appropriate regional office reopens.

Acquia communication channels

Acquia uses several communication channels to reach subscribers, and may use them in conjunction depending on the nature and urgency of the message:


    We post updates about outages and availability at Sign up to subscribe to platform-wide issues.

  • Support tickets

    All new Support tickets, by default, copy subscribers with the role Include as a collaborator on all tickets by default permission. To provide a team member with a new or added role, or for more detail on editing roles to assign permissions, see Working with roles and permissions.

  • EOL calendar

    Acquia lists anticipated product, service, and technology end-of-life dates for Acquia’s products on the Software end-of-life schedule.