Service Offerings

Contacting Acquia Support


  • To receive assistance from Support, you must have an active Acquia account and ensure that the account is associated with an Acquia organization.
  • For information about how to open a ticket with Acquia Support, see Support and TAM ticket information.

Hours of operation

Standard hours of operation for Acquia Support are as follows:

Americas8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) 
Monday through Friday
Europe and Africa8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central European Time (CET) 
Monday through Friday
Asia-Pacific and Japan8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Australian Eastern Time (AET) 
Monday through Friday

The following phone numbers are available to contact Acquia Support, by location:

LocationPhone Number(s)
Americas (regional)+1-844-373-2128
Asia-Pacific (regional)+61-2-8319-9389
Europe and Africa (regional)+44-1865-520-011
France+331 84 88 49 98
Germany+49 69 506088919
Hong Kong+85237038440
India+91 9513-594-027
South Korea+82260221207


  • There may only be one designated Support Region per Customer Application.
  • The default Support Region is determined by the customer address in the applicable master service agreement. An alternate Support Region may be configured during implementation for customers entitled to or purchasing implementation services. Customers may request a change in Support Region via Acquia Support. Changes subject to Acquia approval.
  • Coverage for regional holidays is limited to Critical issues only.

Customers with the following subscriptions are entitled to 24x7x365 support for Critical issues:

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Business
  • Premium
  • Elite
  • Legacy Elite
  • Enterprise
  • Professional Plus
  • Acquia Personalization
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Campaign Studio
  • Acquia DAM

Problem definition categories

Acquia describes the urgency of Support requests as indicated in the following table. Acquia responds to the submitted ticket based on the urgency indicated by the Customer at the time of ticket or issue submission.

CriticalCustomer’s production system is inoperative; or Customer’s production operations or productivity are severely impacted with no available workaround; or is a critical security issue. Critical issues are eligible for 24x7 support for certain Acquia subscriptions.
HighCustomer’s production system is operating but issue is causing disruption of Customer’s business operations; workaround cannot be used for an extended period. This is the highest designation available for development and help desk questions.
MediumCustomer’s system is operating and the issue’s impact on the Customer’s business operations is moderate to low; a workaround or alternative is available.
LowIssue is a minor inconvenience and does not impact business operations in any significant way; issues with little or no time sensitivity.

Site launches

Support coverage outside normal business hours is limited to the mitigation of Critical issues as outlined previously in the Problem definition categories section. Customers are highly encouraged to launch during normal business hours when technical teams are fully staffed and the scope of coverage goes beyond limited Critical issue mitigation.

Acquia treats issues that prevent a website from launching as critical and eligible for 24x7 support if all of the following conditions apply:

  • The deployed website code and configuration have passed functional and load tests by the customer’s project team. (Site development is complete.)
  • The Customer Risk Report (CRR) (sometimes generated for customer launches or events considered at risk) includes no Critical (red) items. These reports are not produced on demand; however, a customer may request a similar report from their TAM or CSM team.
  • Launch is less than three calendar days away.
  • Launch date has been registered and confirmed with Acquia Support at least seven days before the expected launch.
  • Customer subscription level provides for 24x7 critical support.

Submitting critical support requests

For issues that meet the criteria of a Critical, Customers may report the issues using an online ticket (preferred method). Always submit a new ticket when experiencing a Critical issue. This helps keep communication and troubleshooting efforts focused on the current issue which may not necessarily be related to a previous issue. The urgency of existing tickets cannot be increased to Critical.

  • Online Ticket: Tickets designated with Critical urgency initiate internal alerts and designate the request for a priority response.

Acquia’s on-call Support team member will take the following actions:

  • Initial action: Contact the Customer reporting the issue or as otherwise designated.
  • Before changes are made: Request confirmation in a ticket for changes to the website or configuration that were requested verbally.
  • Ongoing action: Issue regular Customer and internal updates until resolution.


Automated ticket submissions generated by internal or external infrastructure or website monitoring applications are not permitted. Acquia does not accept new Support requests through email addresses, and only supports updates to tickets submitted online through this channel. Receipt of excessive automated email to any address will result in the sender’s address being blocked.

Drupal Cloud customers can also contact support via phone for Critical Support requests.

  • Phone: When filing a Critical request by phone, press 6 from the main menu. This is a silent option not listed in the voice prompt. You will be directed to the Critical support voicemail. Leave a message with the name and phone number of the technical contact to be contacted, Website name, and a description of the issue. Be sure to include a clear description of the symptoms and any actions taken that may be related to the cause or attempted remedies.

Escalation process

Acquia recognizes that, on occasion, Customers may encounter critical problems that require a higher level of communication and interaction. We have established an effective process to support these special situations.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the current plan of action for an active issue, you may request that it be escalated to management directly through your Acquia Support point of contact. You may also request to review the matter with an Acquia Support manager.

The following actions take place when you escalate an issue:

  1. The Acquia Support Leadership team is notified of the situation, and when appropriate, the Customer’s Account Manager is notified as well.
  2. A review of your business needs and technical case is conducted and an action plan is formulated with the goal of driving your issue to the most rapid resolution possible.
  3. Communication of the action plan is discussed with the Customer, including deliverables and, if appropriate, timelines.
  4. If the communication is not acceptable, the Customer may request to speak with the next level of management:
    • First Level: Regional Manager
    • Second Level: Director, Acquia Support
    • Third Level: Managing Director, Global Support
    • Fourth Level: VP Customer Solutions

All cases submitted as Critical copy the Acquia Support Leadership team, which helps ensure that these situations receive immediate management attention.

Submitting all other Support requests

Support for all non-Critical issues is available during Acquia business hours within a Customer Application’s designated Support Region:

  • Online Ticket: Customer will make requests of Acquia Support through Acquia’s online ticket management system.
  • Phone: Monday through Friday for certain subscriptions.
  • Email: Acquia does not accept new Support requests by email, and requests that all Customers submit new Support requests either online or by phone. This allows Acquia to associate important subscription and priority information with the request so that our teams can expediently handle the request. Acquia’s ticket management system supports ticket updates via email in response to ticket system-generated communications.

Issue submission process

  • When submitting a ticket, the Customer provides a description of the issue or request, a description of the mission impact, and designates the level of urgency of the request as Critical, High, Medium, or Low pursuant to the urgency categories set forth in the Problem definition categories section.
  • Acquia evaluates the request and provides an initial response in the time determined by the Customer subscription’s service response levels.
  • The Customer works with Acquia to provide additional information about reported issue (for example, website functionality, related applications as needed to diagnose the issue, and infrastructure-related information).
  • Acquia tracks progress notes and related communications in the online ticket system through the resolution of the issue or request.
  • Acquia contacts the Customer by using the online ticket system or using the phone for certain subscriptions to confirm details and begin diagnosis.
  • For certain subscriptions, if the Customer makes a request by phone, Acquia opens a ticket on the Customer’s behalf to track the issue through resolution. If changes to the website or configuration are requested verbally, confirmation will be requested in a ticket before the changes are made.
  • Issues not submitted to Acquia either through the online ticket portal or by phone bypass our standard request handling and default to Medium or Low priority. This may cause a delay in the desired response time.

Ticket limitations

Application support tickets apply to:

  • Requests for diagnostic support provided on Drupal applications and related Acquia offered products.
  • Support issues generated by Customer-driven change such as new code deployments and custom configuration requests.
  • Tasks handled upon request by Acquia Support that Customer may otherwise handle through self-service options.

Upon resolution, the root cause of an issue determines what category a ticket falls in to.

Customers have the ability to open several different types of tickets with Acquia:

Ticket TypeDescriptionTicket Allowance
Drupal Application SupportDiagnostic support of the Customer’s Drupal applicationsTickets are unlimited.
Acquia Platform / ServicesDiagnostic, change request, and break/fix tickets related to Acquia’s hosted infrastructure or toolsThis includes the diagnosis and remediation of product-related issues and bugs related to the Acquia platform and SaaS tools such as Acquia Insight, Acquia Personalization, Acquia Search. Tickets are unlimited.
Advisory HoursRequest for Customer Advisory sessionsTotal Advisory hours are limited per Subscription.
Remote AdministrationCustomer files a request for a Remote Administration activityFor Customers with the Premium Remote Administration service option. Subscriptions with Remote Administration have an allocation of 10 total hours per month. Basic Remote Administration Customers may file tickets for security updates only.
Event Notification Tickets related often to time-sensitive subscription activities such as, but not limited to, website traffic warnings, environment testing, scans, or releases; tickets are unlimited.
SubscriptionNon-billing inquiriesTickets are unlimited.
BillingFinancial inquiriesTickets are unlimited.

Developer and Partner subscriptions are entitled to tickets for Acquia Platform / Services, Subscription, and Billing only.

Local language support

To provide the most consistent, high quality support to our Customer across the globe, Acquia has set the following standards for communications with our Customer:

  • All written communications will be in English, which ensures all Acquia Support team members can work on all Critical issues, and experts can be engaged in a Customer situation without delay.
  • Acquia Support can participate in English language discussions with Customers across all geographies 24/7.
  • Acquia continually reviews Customer requirements and staff skills in this area so that we may be in the best position to support our Customers.

The following language support is available for all subscriptions except Customer Data Platform, Campaign Studio, Campaign Factory, Acquia DAM, and Personalization:

  • Spanish language conversations are available in the Americas during business hours (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern), pending resource availability.
  • Acquia Support may be available to converse with Customers in the following languages during Europe’s business hours (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CET), pending resource availability:
    • French
    • Spanish

Advisory services

Some Acquia subscriptions include Customer Advisory hours.

Advisory services entitles the Customer to engage an Acquia expert in a discussion of best practices for generic topics including implementation, tuning, approaches to achieving business outcomes, general technical topics, and architecture. Advisory support is limited to knowledge that can be communicated during a real-time conversation or by follow-up email. If applicable, advisory support may include current documentation. Topics out of scope for Advisory Support include Website-specific research, implementation/installation activities, live troubleshooting, and creation or delivery of any new deliverable(s).

Examples of advisory support topics:

Drupal CloudMarketing Cloud
Security best practicesAdvice on business use cases around additional new customer data sources
Module selection adviceAdvice and best practices on report/report building that would provide insight into their business
Migration best practicesAdvice on how to use CDP Data Integrations functionality to create output connectors
Performance best practices 
Architecture best practices 
Module development best practices 

Acquia applies time against Advisory hours in the following manner:

  • Time spent: For example, for each hour of discussion between Acquia and the Customer, one (1) hour is consumed.
  • Preparation time: For each Advisory session greater than one hour, Acquia may charge the Customer an additional 30 minutes of preparation time.
  • Follow-up: Acquia reserves the right to charge the Customer for time spent if session follow-up requires 30 minutes or more of the Advisory expert’s time.
  • Time blocks: Advisory hours may be consumed in blocks of time not to exceed a total of two (2) hours unless there is prior approval from Acquia Support Management.

Customers must make requests for Advisory sessions through the ticket portal, at least three (3) business days in advance of the desired meeting. Create a high-priority ticket with the Product best related to the advice sought. Acquia will make all efforts to schedule Advisory calls based on the Customer’s requested timing, but reserves the right to schedule at a mutually agreed alternative date if necessary.

We request that Customers limit advisory requests to no more than eight (8) hours in any single month or two (2) hours in any given week.

Monsido Web Governance Suite support

Monsido Technical Support. Acquia will provide Technical Support to Customer via both telephone and electronic mail on weekdays during the hours of 9:00 am through 6:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time, with the exclusion of U.S. Federal Holidays (“Support Hours.”) Customer may initiate a helpdesk ticket during Support Hours by calling +1 858-281-2185 (United States Customer,) +44 20 3808 5496 (European Customer,) or +45 89 88 19 15 (Scandinavian Customer,). Customer may also send us a message at any time via our support ticket system on Customer’s Account dashboards. Service Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to all Helpdesk tickets within one (1) business day.