Service Offerings

Customer resources

Your Acquia subscription entitles you to access our enhanced support resources.

Acquia Help Center

To help you navigate and use our products, visit the Acquia product documentation to review technical documentation for Acquia’s service offerings, and the Acquia Knowledge Base for troubleshooting tips, best practices, and solutions to known Acquia and Drupal issues. These websites are great starting points for researching any non-critical issues you may encounter.

The information we have available for your use with our products includes:

Support Portal

The Support Portal is the launch pad for you to submit issues to Acquia Support. To access the portal, visit Acquia help Center.

Support policies

  • Conference Bridge Participation: Acquia understands that some of our Customers have a policy to open a conference bridge when an issue is defined and remain on that bridge until the problem is solved or the severity lessens. We have found that the bridge format is not conducive to orderly troubleshooting and often delays the resolution of critical issues. In order to provide all of our Customers with the highest quality of support possible, it is our policy to not participate in these bridge calls until a complete problem description has been provided. This may be done online or through a phone call. After Acquia receives this information, it will select the appropriate resource to join the call. Acquia management reserves the right to not assign resources to participate in bridge calls that are outside the scope of Acquia support.

  • Customer chat channels: Acquia Support will not establish or join customer chat channels.

  • Conference Calls: Occasionally, direct communication over a conference call or similar meeting is the best means of addressing a specific issue or clarifying recommendations that have been provided. Conference calls can be requested and scheduled by a request to a Customer Advisor or Support Leadership.

  • Access to Customer Systems: For the purposes of providing diagnostic support, Acquia Support may request read-only access to a Customer’s environment. In limited situations, Acquia Support may make changes directly to a Customer’s systems; however, action will not be taken until the Customer confirms by using the active support system that they understand the change to be made and authorize Acquia to make the change.

Customer success tips

  • Maintain two or more team members (staff or contractors) that are familiar with all Customer-controlled code and infrastructure. This will assist Acquia Support with troubleshooting actions and facilitate the implementation of recommended solutions.

  • Ensure that subscription contacts are current.

  • Use the escalation process and contact channels previously described because they are the fastest way to drive action without any delay.

  • Ensure that multiple resources are registered to submit issues under your Acquia subscription.

  • Always respond to support tickets using the email address that is registered with Acquia.

  • Ensure that Customer resources are available to participate in the issue resolution process and are accessible for the duration of time that the incident remains open.

  • Ensure that all Customer designated resources understand the scope and conditions of Acquia’s support prior to contacting Acquia.

  • Do one or both of the following prior to conducting a conference call with Acquia Support: define the questions/issues to be discussed, or complete as many outstanding action items as possible.

  • Check the Acquia Customer Portal often to stay up-to-date on training and the latest product updates and announcements.

  • If at any time you do not understand a request being made by Acquia Support, be sure to request clarification or explanation.

  • Notify Acquia Support or the Technical Account Manager of any impending launches or significant website events. If possible, Acquia prefers a two-to-three day lead time. This allows Acquia to ensure that teams are notified and prepared for the event to provide critical support as needed.