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Commerce Manager Support Scope

Last updated: August 22, 2023


Acquia Commerce Manager

Supported versions

Subscription information

  • Cloud Platform Premium

  • Cloud Platform Elite

  • Site Factory

Support scope

Acquia Support will provide the following support for Acquia Commerce Manager for Drupal :

  • Diagnose problems with the Acquia Commerce Manager Drupal Modules and the Commerce Connector Service. Diagnose problems with the flow of data through Commerce Connector Service to and from Drupal and the eCommerce System.

  • Assist with configuration when connecting the components of Acquia Commerce Manager (Drupal and the Commerce Connector Service) to the eCommerce system, using the provided integrations. Acquia will assist the Customer to ensure the integration modules, extensions, and Commerce Connector Service function properly.

  • Acquia Support will not be responsible for making recommendations about enterprise IT architecture relating to commerce systems and commerce functionality outside of the documented Acquia Commerce Manager functionality.

  • Acquia Support will not be responsible for troubleshooting code-level customizations and integrations beyond the documented Commerce Connector Service API. Acquia Support will not be responsible for troubleshooting eCommerce system functionality including but not limited to processing transactions and payment, managing products and inventory, managing orders or fulfilment, and integrations with third party systems.

  • Magento support is limited to the installation of the Acquia Commerce Manager Extension for Magento and diagnosing problems with the configuration and flow of data between Magento and Acquia Commerce Manager.