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Drupal 7 Long Term Support Scope


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Last updated: August 22, 2023


PHP 7.4 Long Term Support (LTS) PHP 7.4 Long Term Support (LTS - Gratis)


Acquia will provide security patching for PHP 7.4.

Acquia Drupal 7 Support

Acquia’s Drupal 7 Support provides customers with an assurance that Drupal 7 core, and the most commonly used Drupal 7 modules will receive available security updates and remain compatible with Acquia’s Drupal Cloud platform. The Drupal community has planned the end-of-life of Drupal 7 on January 5, 2025. Acquia will continue to keep its hosting platform compatible with Drupal 7 and PHP 7.4 through November 2025. PHP 7.4 LTS will be available for all customers at an additional fee. Due to the community EOL, there will be no continued security support of Drupal 7 beyond January 5, 2025.

All customers who use a Drupal 7 application or an application that uses PHP 7.4, must make a decision ahead of the EOL, to determine their upgrade plan for transitioning to a supported version of Drupal and PHP.

The end-of-life of PHP 8.0 in Cloud Platform was in October 2, 2023. Therefore, all Drupal 7 applications that do not leverage PHP 7.4 LTS must upgrade to PHP 8.1. Drupal 7.9.2 is required to run PHP 8.1 unless you have patched an earlier version to explicitly add compatibility.

Supported versions

  • PHP 7.4

  • Drupal 7

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Support scope

Acquia will maintain platform compatibility with Drupal 7.x and PHP 7.4 through November 2025. As the Drupal, Symfony, PHP, and other open source communities continue to add new, or additional capabilities, it is likely that the ability of Drupal 7 to utilize these capabilities will continue to decrease. Check Acquia’s Dev Portal D7 EOL Resources for the most current resources.

Acquia reserves the right to amend or clarify the scope of this policy as needed in order to best communicate the extent of our support to Customers as well as define additional terms and support limits as they arise.