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Content Hub Support Scope


For additional information about Content Hub, see its product documentation.

Last updated: August 22, 2023

Acquia Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service. Customers can use this service to author, search, and share content in a complex network of sites and channels.


  • Acquia Content Hub 2.x

  • Acquia Content Hub 3.x

Supported versions

Subscription information

All Cloud Platform and Site Factory subscription tiers

Support scope

The Customer’s subscription to Acquia Content Hub includes unlimited diagnosis support for Acquia Content Hub for the current Drupal version. The Customer can contact Acquia Support in accordance with stated urgency levels.

Initial response times for Acquia Support requests vary on the urgency level and the Customer’s subscription tier.

  • Acquia ensures application availability and provides unlimited support for Content Syndication infrastructure issues which impact application availability or functionality as outlined in the documentation.

  • Acquia will address how-to’s and best-practices questions to assist customers in obtaining the most value from the system.

  • When using the Content Syndication API, support is limited to verifying network connectivity between Content Syndication and the connected application and to troubleshooting data flow issues through log analysis of Acquia applications. Acquia does not diagnose custom or third-party applications connected to Content Syndication.

The health or integrity of customer content is a customer responsibility apart from Acquia’s scope of service, which is limited to assuring the system can distribute content.