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DAM Classic Support Scope


For additional information about DAM Classic, see its product documentation.

Last updated: August 22, 2023

Acquia DAM Classic is a cloud-based digital asset management solution that works effortlessly with Acquia’s experience platform to provide content delivery workflows, organization, and governance of creative asset files for downstream use in digital experiences.


DAM Classic

Supported versions

Subscription information

  • Acquia DAM Starter

  • Acquia DAM Professional

Support scope

Acquia Support will provide the following support for Acquia DAM when used with Cloud Platform Enterprise or Site Factory:

  • Diagnose problems with the Acquia DAM application and its add-ins.

  • Assist with configuration when connecting Acquia DAM to Drupal using the Drupal 7 and the current Drupal version integrations. Acquia will assist the Customer to ensure that the Drupal integration modules function as expected.

  • Diagnose problems with using Acquia DAM assets with Acquia Personalization for Personalization and Acquia Personalization for Content Syndication.

Acquia Support will not be responsible for supporting partner integrations between Acquia DAM and other applications.