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Last updated: March 11, 2024


Monsido Web Governance Suite


The Monsido Web Governance Suite is a website optimization and compliance tool that monitors and helps you to improve your website’s accessibility score, content quality, branding, SEO, data privacy, Core Web Vitals and more.

Monsido offers automated scans and error detection.


The Monsido support chat does not allow users to set the priority of new issues. The CX team escalates to the appropriate level of support if they are unable to help, based upon the conversation with the customer and the subsequent investigation by the support team.

At this time, Monsido support does not have SLAs around how quickly a ticket is escalated to critical and how quickly the customer gets a response, as well as the time it takes to resolve low priority issues. This is because we do not have the information about the severity of the issue until the conversation is started.

Customer Support

This section gives in

  • Online Training Sessions

    New users can set up live online training sessions for team members. Click the Book Online Training button on the upper right side of the Monsido application for information on how to set up a training session.

    If needed, contact the Monsido support team or use the Monsido chat and help features inside the application for more help and advice.

  • Email Templates Monsido provides a handy Email Template Instructions guide with email templates for various stakeholders to make it easier to set up the training sessions. ​
  • Email Support

    Send an email any time to the Monsido Support team. ​

  • Chat Support

    Reach out to us with the Live Support Chat system inside the Monsido application for more help and advice.

  • Knowledge Base

    The Monsido platform offers a Knowledge Base help center with lots of valuable guides, including the Monsido User Guide to help you get started.

    Access the Knowledge Base (question mark icon) from the top menu bar on every page of Monsido.

  • Accessibility Help Center

    The Accessibility Help Center gives information and examples about the acceptance criteria, reasoning, and ways to fix accessibility errors.


    Access it with the Help Center (graduation cap icon) next to the issue in the Accessibility Checklist page, page view, or from the Accessibility Fast Track® page.  

  • Webinars
    Webinars are added continuously. 
    Contact our Support team to request a webinar.
    For more information, visit:
    Monsido Webinars.​
  • Monsido Content Library
    The Monsido collection of ebooks, checklists, workbooks, guides and more is available on the Monsido homepage.
    Monsido Content Library.
  • Accessibility Training

    Monsido provides extensive Accessibility training and support online, this training is available to all customers with the use of our platform. Our one-on-one sessions and well as our webinars provide walkthroughs of the the Monsido platform and answer many of the questions your team may have. We also offer training with a certified web accessibility consultant.

    Contact our Support team to set up a training session for your team. ​

  • Monsido for Developers

    For advanced users, our developer document repository contains documentation and help files for web developers. ​Monsido for Developers. ​

  • Supported versions

    Monsido is not based on a version-support model as we operate an evergreen platform, meaning our customers always receive the latest version, with new product releases happening weekly.

    Subscription information

    For more information about the types of subscriptions available, see:

    Acquia Price Book_V57_Mar 2024 USD

    Support scope

    Monsido follows the Acquia support scope guidelines that are defined in the Acquia SLA.

    Example Support Tickets

    For guidance purposes, refer to the following examples when filing support requests related to Monsido:



    Ticket Urgency

    Acquia Response

    The Monsido scan takes a long time to process.N/AThe Monsido CX team investigates and responds to tickets generated by the customer in Intercom Chat. When an issue is determined to be more severe, the Acquia (Monsido) team works to resolve the issue as their highest priority and escalates the issue with a Jira Ticket in a timely manner to second level support as needed.
    A technical setup issue that requires assistance from a higher level of support.Normal

    Second-level support tickets are resolved in most cases.

    More serious issues are redirected in Jira to the team that can provide the next level of support.

    A bug is found in the platform.High

    Depending on the impact, other teams such as the development team may be brought in to resolve the issue as close to immediately as possible.

    When an issue is determined to be High priority, it is investigated and worked with a high degree of urgency.

    More serious issues are redirected in Jira to the senior development team.

    The Monsido platform is unavailable or so sufficiently impacted that it is unusable for a high percentage of or all customers.CriticalThe last and highest level of support for critical issues is the senior development team. ​ When an issue is determined to be Critical, the Acquia (Monsido) senior development team works to resolve the issue as their highest priority. Other teams may be involved as needed in order to resolve the issue as close to immediately as possible.


    For additional information about the Monsido Web Governance Suite, see: