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Node.js Support Scope

Last updated: August 22, 2023


Node.js runtime

Supported versions

Support scope

Acquia will host Node.js applications on Cloud Platform, which is subject to the same Service Level Commitment as your subscription.

Support of the Node.js service includes the following:

  • Availability of the infrastructure required to run Node.js inclusive of memory, storage, computing power, and operating systems.

  • Support of Cloud Platform functionality and APIs.

Acquia does not provide code support or troubleshooting for Node.js application issues or related custom code. Acquia will partner with our customers to determine if there are problems with the Cloud Platform environment or the application layer, but Acquia is unable to assist with Node.js code-related issues.

Acquia will not provide patching or update services for Node.js applications. Updates to Node.js applications and code are the responsibility of the customer.

Node.js runtime version support

As part of Acquia’s Node.js service, Acquia is able to host Node.js applications on Cloud Platform. Cloud Platform will run Node.js version 12.x and greater, and Acquia will follow the end-of-life schedule provided by Versions of Node.js that have reached their Maintenance End dates will not be supported by Acquia.