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For additional information about Acquia Platform CDN, see its product documentation.

Using Platform CDN, you can deliver accelerated digital experiences to global audiences by caching pages and static assets, including JavaScript, CSS, and images, at over 65 points of presence (POPs) around the world. Visitors accessing your website load the static assets from the POP closest to their location, which decreases the time required to load a page and increases conversions.

Last updated: August 22, 2023


Platform CDN

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Cloud Platform subscriptions:

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Support scope

Cloud Platform

Acquia Support will answer questions on enabling and disabling the Platform CDN through the Cloud Platform as part of the Customer’s subscription.

Acquia will advise the Customer on the DNS configuration required to enable the Platform CDN for use with domains of websites delivered through the Cloud Platform.

Customers are responsible for making the DNS configuration changes necessary to route traffic to their custom domain(s) through the Platform CDN, using supported 2048-bit SSL certificates, and ensuring that their desired caching strategy is implemented through Drupal.

  • Platform CDN is not supported with Custom VCL.

  • Platform CDN logs are not available for download.

  • Customers do not have direct access to Platform CDN backend or configuration settings.

Site Factory

Platform CDN is not available for Site Factory Customers.