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Acquia Convert Product Guide

Acquia has partnered with VWO to provide Testing, Insights, and Personalize services as Acquia Convert Powered by VWO.

Quotas and Monthly Tracked Users

While packages dictate available features, it is Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) that impacts quota.

MTUs in Acquia Convert

MTU is a usage-based pricing model. Charges for Acquia Convert are assessed based on the visitors who meet the criteria of an active campaign.

Customer will be notified as they approach their quota, providing sufficient time to upgrade to a larger MTU quota.

VWO provides reports of quota usage and related notifications.

For more information on MTUs, visit this page on the VWO website.

Products and Capabilities

Acquia Convert Testing (powered by VWO)

Convert Testing is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product through which customers can run A/B, multivariate, and split URL experiments by using Bayesian statistics. Through targeted experiences for specific visitor segments, customers can optimize client-side experiences for websites or Single Page Applications (SPA). This product supports real-time reporting and aids in the dynamic allocation of traffic, enabling customers to understand key metrics and clearly identify winning strategies.

With Convert Testing capabilities, customers can:

  • Create variations of a website to identify where customers stop being engaged.
  • Test multiple variations of websites and find the one that converts best.
  • Change multiple elements on a single webpage and find the optimal combination of those changes.
  • Distribute traffic to multiple URLs and identify the one that converts best.

  • Estimate the conversion rate of websites.

  • Know the statistical validity of test results.

MTU Quota

10,000 MTUs

  • This add-on applies at a product level. Once purchased, it will be activated only for VWO Testing - Web.
  • Multiple units of this add-on can be purchased.

For more information, see this page on the VWO website.

Acquia Convert Insights (powered by VWO)

Convert Insights is a web-based, qualitative behavior analytics engine that helps to pinpoint bottlenecks, alleviate friction, and uncover opportunities within customer website visitors' purchasing journeys and user experiences so that experiences can be continually enhanced.  VWO Insights collects visitor behavior, from navigation and clicking patterns, to funnel progression.  Heatmaps, Clickmaps, and Session Recordings provide a visual analysis of customer behavior.

For more information, see this page on the VWO website.

Acquia Convert Personalize (powered by VWO)

Convert Personalize is a SaaS product through which customers can tailor websites based on visitor segments. The following are the options to personalize websites:

1. No-code Visual Editor for non-technical users to edit elements on the website and add new elements such as modals, banners, countdown timers, and content blocks to create test variations.

2. Code Editor for developers to easily code the test variations using custom HTML, CSS, and JS.

For more information, see this page on the VWO website.

Acquia Convert Data360 (powered by VWO)

Convert Data360 enables the creation of custom tracking and segmentation conditions to be applied in Convert campaigns to meticulously capture every aspect of websites.  Users can create custom events, metrics (custom tracking conditions that can be used across campaigns), and custom visitor properties.

Convert provides access to:

  • Visitor profiles featuring a list of events that each visitor has performed on websites

  • Properties of all visitors when a VWO campaign is running.

Convert Data360 cross-verifies the streaming of events on websites and determines the triggered event and its trigger time.

Convert Data360 stores the following details on campaigns:

  • Profiles
  • Properties
  • Events
  • Metrics
  • Audit

Features List

Segments - Categorize customers with Segments and leverage them for targeted campaigns and filtered reports.

  • Create segments from standard attributes

Metrics - Track website event accomplishments during campaigns using Metrics similar to conversion goals in Convert.

  • Cannot create complex metrics such as Average Order Value (AOV) and Life Time Value (LTV).

User Profiles - Unify customer data into a single view with Profiles. Access visitor properties and triggered events from campaigns.

  • Preview the last five users on websites.

Audit - Streamline website events using the Audit feature in the Data360 module. Verify if standard and custom events are being tracked correctly on websites.

Acquia Convert Plan (powered by VWO)

Ideate, hypothesize, prioritize, and execute optimization campaigns with a team in one place.

Convert Plan is included free of cost with any Convert product purchase.

Features List

Observations - Record observations to help identify problems and find possible solutions.

Observations with Automatic Snapshot - Automatically capture snapshots of the reports as log observations.

Observation Plugin - Make quick observations and audit webpages while on them, all with a handy browser plug-in.

Hypotheses - Know the total number of tests run on an account concurrently.

Hypotheses Prioritization + Custom Workflows - Prioritize ideas based on importance, complexity, and ease of implementation. Customize workflow to visualize progress.

Ideafactory - Take inspiration from hundreds of ideas, case studies, and other resources to develop a strategy.

Acquia Integrations

Drupal Connector (Basic)

The Drupal Connector (Basic) enables the creation of segments in Convert Personalize and Convert Testing, based on the browsing activities on Drupal-specific content including Content Type, Persona, Keyword, and Content Section.  For more information, visit

Drupal Connector (Plus)
An advanced Drupal Connector will soon be available to support Drupal taxonomies in Convert Personalize. It is scheduled for release in the second half of 2024.

Acquia DAM Integration
Acquia DAM integration to access Acquia DAM assets in Convert Personalize and Convert Testing to leverage centralized control and enforce brand consistency.

Over Limit Policy

Campaigns will be paused when the MTUs exceed the subscription MTU quota.  Customers will be alerted before the quota is consumed 100%.


Use the documentation in the links below to configure and customize Acquia Convert.