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Shield Product Guide


For additional information about Shield, see its product documentation.

Last updated: July 14, 2020

Shield provides isolated networks for Cloud Platform Enterprise applications. Customer deployments within an isolated network environment are separated from other customer deployments at the network level. Shield includes the product features set forth below.

1. Shield access management

Customers can use self-service IP allowlisting for occasions when they need to manage SSH access to the environments in their subscription.

2. Private IP range with optional VPN connection

Customers can choose to add an optional Virtual Private Network (VPN) hosted on Cloud Platform Enterprise to facilitate a connection between Cloud Platform Enterprise and the customer’s private network. The VPN connection ensures customers have secure bidirectional interaction between their websites and their internal IT systems (such as CRM). Included in the price of Shield is the VPN set up between Cloud Platform Enterprise and one customer-defined gateway device point. Customers can purchase additional VPN connections. They will be charged a setup fee for each one.

Customers must purchase a subscription to Cloud Platform Enterprise to enable the VPN.

In the event the customer changes endpoints during the Subscription Term, the customer will incur additional setup fees, which will be billed to the customer at $250 per hour. In order for Acquia to enable the VPN connection, the customer must meet the technical requirements set forth at Amazon VPC FAQs.

3. AWS VPC Peering Connection

As an alternative to a VPN, customers can choose instead to have one VPC peering connection enabled between their Shield VPC and another AWS VPC. Additional VPC peering connections can be enabled. Customers will be charged a setup fee for each one.

Acquia Inc. reserves the right to change the Products and Services Guide based on prevailing market practices and the evolution of our products. Changes will not result in a degradation in the level of services provided during the period for which fees for such services have been paid.