Service Offerings

Site Studio Product Guide

Last updated: December 14, 2021

Acquia will provide Site Studio Services only if purchased by the Customer, as indicated in the Order.

Site Studio Services are used for the design, building, and management of Drupal websites, including page editor and site builder solutions, and includes associated support.

1. Definitions

For purposes of this section, the following definitions will be used:

  • Drupal Module: The Drupal module and sub-modules used by Customer in conjunction with the Services.

  • Services: The Site Studio services designed to enhance Customer’s Drupal web application software, such services made available to the Customer as a service via the internet for use with Acquia’s platform.

  • Licensed Materials: The cached JavaScript code, other software, and other works and materials that are made available to the Customer for download and use in connection with the Services, but excluding the Drupal Module and the Third Party Software.

  • Third Party Software: The third party software that is added to or installed in the Customer’s Drupal instance by the Drupal Module, including the AngularJS framework software.

2. Services


Upon execution of an Order with Acquia, Customer shall receive the following:

  1. A customer account.

  2. API key access credentials.

  3. A worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the Services by means of the API using the API Keys during the applicable Subscription Term.


In addition to any restriction and limitations set forth in Customer’s Agreement and applicable Order, the license granted under Clause 2.1 is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Each API Key may only be used in relation to a single Customer Drupal instance.

  2. The Services must not be used at any point in time by more than the number of user accounts specified in the Order, provided that user accounts may be added with the written agreement of Acquia.

  3. API Resource Limits: The Customer’s use of the API is limited to a maximum of 10M API calls per month (if under 100 sites) and 100M API calls per month (if under 1,000 sites), in addition to any other limitations on API calls specified in the Order. Acquia will monitor and advise Customer on API usage to help ensure it falls within the parameters outlined above.

  4. The Customer must only use the Services on the Cloud Platform and in relation to the domains and subdomains specified in the Order Form or agreed in writing by the parties.

  5. If the Customer makes any alteration to a copy of the Drupal Module, the Customer shall not use that altered copy to access the API or otherwise in conjunction with the Services.

  6. The Customer must not conduct or request that any other person conduct any load or penetration testing on the platform or Services without the prior written consent of Acquia.

3. Service Level Commitments


Acquia shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that the uptime for the Services is at least 99.9% during each calendar month. In this Clause 3.1, uptime means the percentage of time during a given period when the Services are available at the gateway between the public internet and the network of the hosting services provider for the Services.

In the event Acquia does not meet 99.9% general availability of the Services for a calendar month, for each one-half hour of unavailability Customer will receive a one-day extension of their Services (each a Service Extension). To properly claim a Service Extension, Customer must inform Acquia within fifteen (15) days of the purported outage and provide a full description of the service interruption, including logs if applicable. If Customer has accumulated Service Extensions during two (2) consecutive months or three (3) months in any six-month period, Customer may terminate the applicable Order upon seven (7) days’ advance written notice to Acquia. In the event of an unavailability of the PaaS that is directly attributable to flaws in Customer’s environment (including the underlying code) where, despite reasonable notification from Acquia that such flaws are adversely impacting availability and Customer fails to correct such flaws, then Acquia may terminate the applicable Order upon 30-days written notice to Customer. The Service Extension and termination rights constitute Customer’s exclusive remedy and Acquia’s sole liability and obligation for any failure to maintain the Service Commitment.

3.2 Service Commitment Exclusions

The Service Commitment does not apply to any unavailability, outage, suspension or termination of any Acquia PaaS performance issues:

  1. that are caused by factors outside of Acquia’s reasonable control, including any force majeure event, network intrusions or denial of service attacks.

  2. any outages that result from any action or inaction of Customer or any third parties engaged by Customer, missing Customer Data, errors caused by Customer code or Drupal configuration errors, or usage capacity in excess of the Customer purchased amount.

  3. any outages caused by programming errors in Customer’s website(s), programming bugs in the third-party extensions or modules made available through Cloud Platform or Site Factory, Drupal Modules with Site Factory.

  4. any outages attributable to flaws in Customer’s environment (including the underlying code) where, despite reasonable notification from Acquia that such flaws are adversely impacting availability and Customer fails to correct such flaws (for example, failure to upsize to recommended hardware configuration).

  5. any outages lasting less than one (1) minute, but no more than three (3) such outages in a 24 hour period.

  6. any outages related to emergency maintenance to Customer’s website(s) (for example, to install security fixes).

  7. any outages resulting from scheduled maintenance (typically 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM at the data center location identified on Customer’s Order), if Acquia notified Customer 48 hours prior to the commencement of the maintenance work (there will be no more than two hours of scheduled maintenance downtime per calendar year).

  8. unavailability that relates to any malware, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, worms or other malicious or harmful code in the website that (1) was not introduced by Acquia or (2) was not introduced as a result of Acquia’s failure to perform the Services in compliance with the standard included herein or in the Subscription and Services Agreement.

  9. acts or omissions caused by Customer’s CDN, or any use of the Services on a platform other than Acquia.

In addition, unavailability of some specific features or functions within the website while other features remain available will not constitute unavailability of the website, so long as the unavailable features or functions are not, in the aggregate, material to the website.

In the event of any outages described above, Acquia will use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any disruption, inaccessibility or inoperability of the website in connection with outages, whether scheduled or not. Such efforts will include instances in another Availability Zone if available.

4. Drupal Modules and License Materials


The Customer acknowledges that:

  1. The Customer must install the Drupal Module on each instance of Drupal with respect to which the Customer wishes to use the Services.

  2. The Drupal Module is distributed by the website.

  3. The licensing and use of the Drupal Module shall be governed by the version of the GNU General Public License specified on


Upon execution of an Order with Acquia, and subject to any restrictions and limitations set forth in the Agreement, Acquia hereby grants to the Customer during the applicable Subscription Term a worldwide, nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use the Licensed Materials in conjunction with the Drupal Module solely for the purpose of editing the Customer’s Drupal web application(s) hosted on Cloud Platform.

5. Extending Site Studio using prebuilt UI kits

Site Studio has a number of prebuilt UI kits available to accelerate the build time of the websites enabled by Site Studio. This includes UI kits created by Acquia and UI kits created by partners.

While every endeavour is made to ensure that the UI kits are fully compatible with Site Studio and the current Drupal version, this cannot be guaranteed for every use case or environment setup. The responsibility for testing and supporting any UI kit is therefore, the responsibility of the customer unless you have entered into specific additional agreement with Acquia or an authorised partner.

6. Customer Systems

The Customer acknowledges that it will need to maintain an up-to-date instance of the Drupal software, and all necessary prerequisite software, to benefit from the Services.

7. Data Portability and Deletion

Upon request made by Customer within 7 days of termination or expiration of the Subscription Services, Acquia will make Customer Data and Customer Applications available to Customer for export or download. At the end of such 7-day period, Acquia will delete or otherwise render inaccessible any Customer Data and Customer Applications, unless legally prohibited. Acquia has no obligation to retain the Customer Data for Customer purposes after this 7-day post termination period.

Acquia Inc. reserves the right to change the Products and Services Guide based on prevailing market practices and the evolution of our products. Changes will not result in a degradation in the level of services provided during the period for which fees for such services have been paid.