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How to securely share information with Acquia Support

Information security is critical to maintaining the integrity of websites. On occasion, you must provide secure information (such as passwords or SSL certificates) to Acquia Support to provide access, installation, or for troubleshooting. These items must be securely maintained and must not be transmitted insecurely.


To help ensure the security of your systems, do not:

  • Email SSL certificate or passwords.

  • Attach your files to a Support ticket.

You can upload your new files (certificate, chain certs, and private key) to the server itself, using one of the following methods:

  • SFTP: Connect, change to the correct directory, and then upload the files.

  • SSH: Connect, change to the correct directory, create the files with a text editor, and then copy and paste the contents.

An example of a secure directory you can use is:


After you have securely uploaded your files, you can file a new support request to have the files moved.

If you are still unsure where to place your files, create a Support ticket. Acquia Support will direct you how to upload your SSL certificate and private key securely.


If you send your SSL certificate and private key through email or attach them to a ticket, Acquia may require you to revoke and rekey your certificate for your own protection.