Using SimpleSAMLphp with Site Factory

The information on this documentation page is part of the SimpleSAMLphp installation process.

If you are an Site Factory subscriber and want to implement single sign-on into the Site Factory interface you can contact Acquia Support to enable SimpleSAMLphp. This engagement requires you to perform the following steps:

  • Secure and install service provider (SP) metadata at the identity provider (IdP).

  • Collaborate with Acquia technical resources for the testing of the SimpleSAMLphp configuration.

  • Ensure the availability of technical resources with access to and knowledge of the IdP.

  • Own all custom code and testing of custom workflows (beyond the SimpleSAMLphp Authentication module-provided code and workflows, and the SimpleSAMLphp library).

  • Own testing and validation of all Drupal configurations and workflows that integrate with SimpleSAMLphp Authentication module features.

Acquia will provide you with service provider data, which you can then provide to your identity provider. After completion of the process, you will be responsible for both configuring the module and activating single sign-on in the user interface.