Site Factory

Site Factory and Cloud Platform

Site Factory leverages the power of Cloud Platform, a fully managed, high-availability, and massively scalable platform created for the most complex Drupal websites in the world. For day to day site management operations, Site Factory subscribers can use the Site Factory dashboards associated with each production and non-production environment on their application.

Site Factory subscribers also have access to many features in Acquia’s interface for the Cloud Platform. By default, only the Subscription Owner for a Site Factory subscription will have access to the Cloud Platform interface, even if more users are added to the Site Factory interface. Subscription Owners can choose to add users to the Cloud Platform interface for platform management purposes as outlined in Configuring your Site Factory platform environments permissions.

Available Cloud Platform features

When managing your Site Factory environments using the Cloud Platform interface, certain standard Cloud Platform features such as drag-and-drop workflows, database management, and domain management aren’t available. These features are superseded by more advanced features in the Site Factory interface.

The following features are available in the Cloud Platform interface for Site Factory applications:

Site Factory subscribers can use Cloud Platform API v2 to interact with any of the above features. However, you shouldn’t use Cloud API v2 to manage code, databases, or domains, as these should be managed exclusively with the Site Factory interface or the Site Factory REST API.

Advanced Cloud Platform Features

Site Factory is compatible with the following advanced features:

Incompatible Features

Site Factory isn’t compatible with the following Cloud Platform features:

Architectural Differences

While Site Factory leverages the power of Cloud Platform, Site Factory applications use a modified architecture specifically designed for managing sites at scale. Learn more about this here Deploying code in Site Factory.