Site Factory

Extending Site Factory

As with any large website development effort, one of the most important tasks is to be able to scale your organization’s efforts without having to increase the number of people on your development team. To help you accomplish this goal, Site Factory supports the use of internal and external tools that can allow you to automate many common development and management requirements.

For example, you can leverage the advanced API and hook systems included with Site Factory and the command-line power of Drush to simplify and streamline your development processes.

Advanced features of Site Factory

Along with the Site Factory Management Console, Site Factory provides additional tools for users who want to leverage the power of command-line scripting to further customize their platform to meet their needs. The following tools are available for your use:

  • Site Factory REST API: Create and manage websites on your platform, trigger and monitor scheduled jobs, create backups, and clear caches on any website hosted on your platform.

  • Site Factory hooks: Simplify code deployments, and trigger the execution of custom code at multiple points during website installation, deployment, and runtime.

  • Drush: Perform administrative and application maintenance tasks from the command line, instead of having to use the Drupal administrative interface.

Unofficial community-supported tools

Several community-sponsored tool kits are available that Site Factory users have found useful or helpful when working with their websites, including the following:


Although Acquia cannot provide the same level of support for these community projects as we do our own products, they are included on this page because we are aware that many of our customers have found the following tools to be helpful.

  • acsf-tools toolkit: Provides a set of Drush scripts that are tuned both for multisite management and Site Factory concepts.