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Setting up email for your domain

If you use a custom domain name for your Site Factory website or site collection, you can configure your custom domain to send and receive email with your custom domain name. For example, if you create a website or site collection with a custom domain name of, you can create email addresses associated with that domain, such as [email protected].

You must change your domain’s Mail eXchange (MX) records to route your incoming email to your email service provider. Most domain registrars (the service where you bought your domain name) are also DNS providers and offer the DNS services to change your mail records for your Site Factory website. Follow your email service provider’s instructions for changing the MX records for your domain name to point to their servers.

If for any reason you change your custom domain name to a different DNS provider, you must also update your MX records for the new DNS. If you don’t, your website or site collection will experience a DNS conflict, and your email service provider won’t process emails.


  • You can’t associate the MX records for Site Factory domain names with email service providers.

  • Site Factory doesn’t offer email services, but you can create, manage and use email addresses for your domain name using Gmail as part of G Suite.

Setting up Gmail for your domain

One such available email service provider is Gmail, a part of G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps.

To configure your custom domain to use Gmail for your domain’s email:

  1. Register for a G Suite account for your domain name on the G Suite page.

    If you don’t already own a domain name, you can also buy one as part of the G Suite sign-up process. In the sign-up process, G Suite will help you configure email and other options.

  2. Complete the registration process and create the administrator account and email address.

  3. Connect to your DNS provider’s management interface to create a new CNAME record for your domain.

    Use the information provided by the G Suite interface for the alias of a new CNAME record in your domain name’s account.

    For the points to or host name of the new CNAME record, enter

  4. Confirm the new CNAME record by entering it in a CNAME lookup service.


    Don’t include http:// in the CNAME lookup. The correct format is (the Google string you used to create the CNAME record and your domain name, separated by a period).

  5. Complete the configuration process for the G Suite account.

  6. Change the MX records for your domain name.

    G Suite provides instructions on how to change the MX records for a variety of DNS providers, and a list of the mail servers and priorities to use when you create the MX records.

Google reference pages

For more information about G Suite, MX records, and email, see the following Google Help pages:

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